How to create wordpress plugin from scratch

Creating website with WordPress and using theme based on choice makes you happy. But it will be great if you…

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For Each Scope in Mule

The For Each scope splits a payload into elements and processes them one by one through the components that you…

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Batch Processing In Mule

What is Batch Processing ? Batch Process is a technique by which we can process records in batches. Here batches…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Mule

Mule is an Enterprise Service bus which can easily integrate existing systems. This article will start you off with the…

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Common project management mistakes and how to avoid them

According to Project management institue 2018 “Pulse of profession survey” global survey, organizations are wasting $99 million for every $1…

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Smart Card Protocol T0/T1

T=0/T=1 protocol There are two standardised data exchange protocols defined in ISO/IEC 7816-3 for the communication between a Smart Card…


Best online crm software : Roboeyelabs

Customer satisfaction is the basic need for any company for sales to service desk, e-commerce application, accounting, survey. Crm provides…


How to install wordpress website

Local setup requirements Download and install xamp server Download WordPress from  Thank you for reading!


How to develop wordpress theme from scratch

You can create a website using html, css, javascript and php beautifully. But It takes lots of time and hard…


How to make Html page

Requirements Text Editor Internet Browser(Chrome or Internet Explorer) Introduction When you open web page on the internet, the browser doing…